My Story

One of my favorite parts of working with engaged couples is hearing the stories of how they met. They’re so much fun to hear, each story is inspiring and, best of all, there’s always a happy ending.

This is mine…

I had a pretty typical New England childhood. I grew up as the middle child and the only girl; I’m still undecided if that was a blessing or a curse. Days were filled with soccer, dance classes, music, art, and games of catch and street-hockey in the backyard. Summers were made of camping trips with a large group of my parents friends, canoing, hiking, swimming, late night campfires and so many great memories. Winters involved lots of snow and playing outdoors until either it got too dark to see or fingers got too cold to move, with the exception being the not-so-rare invasion of snow down the back of a snowsuit which required an immediate hot cocoa break and change of clothes.

I started college in Washington DC as a pre-law/Poli-Sci major with every intention of changing the world. My roommate (who probably has no idea how much she influenced my life) opened my eyes to a world that combined the logic and reasoning that I loved in the political arena with my need for art and creativity. And just like that, my future shifted from law to architecture. Fast forward to 7 years later, I loved architecture and had found a career at a successful firm with coworkers who had become good friends but I was ready to make a change. After some research, a new game plan and a fantastic job offer I moved myself across the country to San Diego, CA. I had always loved California’s iconic craftsman architecture and was intrigued by the new california contemporary architecture as well. And, honestly, who doesn’t love the idea of living in the perpetual sunshine and beauty of southern California?

I met a sailor 3 years later and my life took a new unexpected turn. He won me over with his blue eyes, his charming smile and his adventurous spirit. Of course, I may also have been slightly distracted by the uniform. We fell in love over car shows, culinary experimentation, road trips, 4-wheeling dune adventures, house renovations and a mutual need to beat each other at the game of trivial pursuit. We got married in a cute repurposed farm-house in the Berkshire Mountains surrounded by close friends and family with perfectly scripted snow flurries near the end of the evening. I fell head over heels with the wedding planning process, making our wedding sophisticated and traditional enough for our more conservative guests while still telling our story through the details. It was during this planning process that the spark of Ink & Thistle Press was lit.

After a couple of deployments and a few more years in San Diego, we were relocated to Charleston, South Carolina. Being a military spouse (aka short-term employee) and with the country going through a recession, my 13-year architectural career was at a stand still. My Grandfather had recently passed away and I inherited his antique press and massive amounts of movable type. I saw the opportunity I was being given and took a chance on myself as a small business owner. Over 75 clients; 4 years on an isolated tropical island unable to have a business; lots of planning and behind-the-scenes work; several vacations to places I never thought I’d be able to visit; and now my little business is ready to go big.

I like to think that I am exactly where I am meant to be. I’ve taken a lot of turns and twists along my path, but I always made the choice that felt right to me in that moment and it’s led me to a place in life where I feel truly blessed. It may be cliche to say that I was on journey to find myself, and I really didn’t think of it that way at the time, but looking back, that’s what I was doing. Each choice I made took me a step closer to being totally content, but nothing was ever “just right”… until I started Ink & Thistle Press.

Ink & Thistle Press has given me a creative outlet with the control over the work I put out to the world and the freedom to work around the important moments in my family’s lives. I get the awesome opportunity to make a difference in one of the biggest moments in my clients’ lives and bring to life something that you will remember forever. Its a responsibility that I take very seriously; To be able to make a living doing this is an absolute honor.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me! Please shoot me an email to tell me a little about you and to see how we can work together.


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